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  • Where do I come for my treatments?
    I work from my home address in a seperate studio, the address is 58 Bassenhally Road, Whittlesey. When you arrive, walk down the gravel driveway right to the bottom. at the end of the back garden there is the studio. Walk down the path and use the side door. please dont knock on the house door as I dont work from the house.
  • Where can I park?
    I have a specialist client parking area on the garvel driveway turning to the right as you pull in. Please use this instead of parking in front of neighbours houses / my house, as im located opposite a junction and it may not be safe to park there. If there is already a car parked in the client space then feel free to park along the roadside where the junction is, opposite to the house. I have a large driveway, so its a shame to not use it when its available. As you can understand, I have a lot of clients coming throughout the day and in the evening, and the last thing I want to do is annoy my neighbours with cars constantly parking outside their houses. thanks x
  • The studio curtains are closed and the door is locked, what do I do?"
    If the curtains are closed and the door is locked it will mean that im just finishing off a treatment with the previous client. You may hear music or conversation if you stand outside the door. The door will be locked due to it being a private treatment eg waxing, or massage etc and i'll be with you asap. Its for this reason that I ask you not to come to your appointments too early, as unfortunately I dont have a seperate waiting area. If the door is unlocked then you're very welcome to come in and take a seat, it means ill be doing non privaTe treatments, eg lashes, nails, brows, makeup etc.
  • Do you offer treatments on weekends?
    We only offer makeup appointments on Saturdays, as were too busy with makeup to be able to do other treatments on that day too unfortuantely.
  • Im looking to book Bridal makeup, how do I do this?"
    All bridal bookings will need to go through myself directly and can not be booked using this online booking system. Please contact via Luxe Beautys Facebook, Instagram or email to get full details, and to find out the availability for your desired date. You'll then be informed of which artists are available, if you would like to book, you'll be asked to complete the booking forms. When we recieve the forms back with the agreed deposit, then your date is secure, and booked.
  • How can I make payment?
    We accept cash, card payments, and paypal
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