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If you have any product or ingredient sensitivities or allergies, its your responsibility to make us aware of those prior to your appointment, the artists/Luxe are not responsible for any reactions that may occur, patch tests can be arranged for any product if you wish.

If you agree for any pictures to be taken after your appointment, you are agreeing for these to be stored and used on any social media platform or for advertising by Luxe.

Makeup can not be applied to anyone with contagious infections, including cold sores, and eye infections.

By booking an appointment, you are agreeing to all of these policies outlines above for yourself and on the behalf of anyone you are also booking for. 

Strip lashes are used in appointments and can be removed in the evening with the rest of your makeup by grabbing the outer corner and gently peeling away from the lash line. Lashes can be kept in the box that you were given at your appointment and re used over and over if looked after. Very gently peel away any remaining old glue before re gluing and applying.

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