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Swedish Massage  Aftercare

After your treatment your body may show some of the following reactions:

Stiffness, aching muscles, tiredness, headache

frequent visits to the toilet, this allows your body to get rid of waste, runny nose, coughing which is a result of your body getting rid of toxins

your body is in repairing phase and may take some time to re-adjust, these reactions should clear in the next 24-48 hours

Do Not:

have heavy meals after treatment, allow 4-6 hours

drink a lot of caffeine: tea, coffee, energy drinks, allow 12-24 hours. Alcohol may also cause dehydration

exercise vigorously


relax after your treatment, wrap up warmly as you may feel colder

take care when driving home as your reflexes may be slower, and you may feel tired

drink plenty of water, your body may have been drained of lymphatic waste and toxins which may result it you being thirsty, the water will help to flush the waste and toxins away, which will help the detoxifying process and rehydrate your body.


Please feel free to eave a review or comments after your treatment 

Regular massage treatments are highly recommended for maximum and long lasting health benefits

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