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LUXE - Isn't it about time we introduced ourselves?

So here it goes, LUXE is in its 4th year of trading, and i’ve never written a blog post to introduce myself (ourselves now) so its about time hey?

It been on my ‘to do’ list for ages, but with being so busy, (which ill never complain about) i’ve not gotten around to starting, but heres the story…

Im Abbie, i’m the owner of LUXE, the one with the initial vision, the big aspirations, the high standards, and the determination to make it all work.

Im not only the owner, but the beauty therapist, the makeup artist, the trainer, the video editor, the replier of messages and emails, the website developer, the stock checker, the cleaner, the employer, the spreadsheet and figure handler, and also the wife and mother. Phew.

The idea of LUXE came about while I was working for Estee Lauder, id worked there for 5 years and achieved so much with the company, and needed more! Plans really started when I went on my maternity leave.

I set up my beauty business, travelling mobile to clients houses, things quickly progressed as I started getting busier I realised that I couldn’t keep up with the demand whilst traveling mobile, so decided I would set up my studio.

Once my son started nursery it meant I could increase my hours, and again once he started school. Appointments were high in demand and back to back all day, often resulting in long 14 hour days straight through, I now realised the hard work involved in running your own business. this was treatments alone, and once admin, accounts etc were added on, I was easily working 70 hour weeks!

Skip forward to today, and LUXE is a team of 3!

I offer everything from lash lift & tints and massages all the way to intimate waxing!

Ive been lucky enough to be asked to work on many shoots, and tv shows, also having my work appear in ‘The Mirror’ and collaborating with many different brands.

Some of my highlights have been winning an award at the Peterborough small business awards, and working alongside many high profile clients and professionals.

I specialise in technical, creative makeup, and providing 1:1 training for other current, or aspiring makeup artists, as well as holding masterclass events, and offering detailed online video makeup lessons which can be downloaded to follow along with and learn from

Fun fact: I used to dance, and do lots of shows and performances, once I even got talked into dressing up as the local football teams (Peterborough United) mascot, dance in the middle of the pitch at half time and sign autographs afterwards!

Nicola was my first ever employee!

She has a great knowledge of products to create different styles, finishes, and to suit different colourings, face shapes and skin types for clients of all ages.

Nicola specialises in bridal makeup, and loves her highly requested signature gold and brown smokey eye, along with many other wearable styles from super natural, to full glamour.

Like all of the makeup artists at LUXE, she’s very versatile, and will listen carefully to your specific wants and needs to ensure she is delivering a look especially suited to you personally.

Fun fact: she’s a busy lady, juggling a full time job as a global senior bid coordinator, part time job as luxe artist, part time coach and athlete for East Elite Allstars (competitive cheerleading), as well as making time for her partner, all while she’s in the process of buying a house! Wow!

Emma is our second ever employee, You’ll feel right at home with Emma’s super bubbly and friendly personality, and can always guarantee a laugh at your appointment, as well as beautiful flawless makeup of course.

Like all the artists, she has a great eye for detail, and constantly strives for perfection.

Emma is a bridal specialist, who knows her stuff when it comes to giving you that flawless glowing skin, and neutral soft smokey eye.

She will make you feel completely comfortable, whilst also working her magic, making you look, and feel your most amazing.

Fun fact: Emma used to figure skate, and is currently learning Korean and Spanish!

Thanks so much for your continued support, and we hope you learnt a little bit more about us and LUXE!


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