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Hair and Makeup workshop

So its been a couple of weeks now since our hair and makeup workshop and its been a complete whirlwind, but its about time that we told and showed you all what we got up to!

So as many of you know, on Sunday 22nd September, we held our hair and makeup workshop. It all started with a costa date with a fellow business owner Charlie darlow, who is a hairdresser specialising in bridal hair.

We’ve known, and worked with each other a lot, and were having our bi monthly catch up, when I suggested her jumping on board to create this all in one workshop idea.

We threw ideas around, and after lots of note making and brainstorming ideas and contacts, we set a date, and the rest was history.

Our aim was to create a practical workshop that was realistic for the everyday woman. We were aware that you lead busy lives, and don’t always have lots of time to be able to sit to do complex hair and makeup looks, or may not already wear any makeup but were looking for quick and easy ways to incorporate this into your daily routine.

It took months and months of planning decor, nibbles, goody bags, selling tickets, securing a venue, models and writing up theory manuals, but at long last the day came, and we were so excited to teach everyone lots of tips and techniques.

We hired a venue, stanground sports centre, but we still needed to make it look pretty. Thats where touch of class in Whittlesey worked their magic. They did an amazing job at providing the balloons for the event, and we loved our personalised business bubble balloons, and 2 weeks on, they’re all still going strong!

Our amazing goody bags were sponsored by Primalash & The LUXE BLENDER and contained lots of other exciting goodies too, also alongside a full in depth theory manual for our ladies to take away and refer to at any point.

We had a brilliant photographer too, Charlie B photography capture these images for us.

We then got stuck into the demonstrations, I showed how quick and easy it was to complete a simple, but polished everyday look in under 15 minutes in real time, while everyone could watch, take notes and pictures throughout.

I then demonstrated this once again, in more depth step by step on another model, while the attendees followed along with each step.

Looking around the room everyone did amazingly well recreating the look on themselves, with help from Luxe artists Nicola and Emma if needed.

Next up was the hair magician Charlie, who taught everyone so many different techniques, from backcombing, to plaiting, twists and gripping to create some amazing simple to do styles, that really made an impact.

She even covered basics, like how to create that perfect messy bun that we all strive for! It really is amazing what can be achieved quite simply, with proper explanations and breaking down the steps into manageable sections that are easier to understand. I think everyone was quite shocked at what they were able to achieve themselves after this.

Next up was switching our looks to evening styles. The idea here was if you had very little time between finishing work and meeting for drinks or an evening meal, so again, the idea was to make the steps manageable and to save money. This was ideally so everyone could learn to use products they already had at home, instead of purchasing lots more unnecessarily.

We used just a few products in different ways to enable you to really make the most out of what you have already, and taught techniques that can be adapted to be used for different occasions and shades and tones could be switched up whilst still using the same techniques and processes.

We had such an amazing time teaching everyone so many different tips and techniques to achieve realistic achievable looks, and was great to see everyone mastering the steps taught.

Confidence is key with hair and makeup, and we hope to have given our attendees bit more of that, it was lovely to see so many beautiful faces.

Thank you to all that made this event possible, and we can't wait to continue to see you recreating these looks yourself.

Thank you!

Abbie & Luxe team xx

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