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Lesley's Wedding Blog

Written By PA Georgie

So my first ever wedding was definitely a day to remember. As one of the first weddings post COVID for LUXE it was an interesting day for us all. My day started with an obnoxiously loud 4am alarm to get myself up and ready for the day ahead, feels just like going on holiday.

I left to head over to the studio at 5 to meet Abbie and leave for 5:30. We headed off, caramel lattes in hand, needless to say it's not the warmest of times to be out on a bleak October morning but we powered through heated seats on high.

After a wrong turn and ending up in a farmers field, we finally arrived at the venue at 10 to 7 for a 7am start. Abbie went through the tasks I would be doing, and what I could help with throughout the morning to make the day got as smooth as possible. So with that in mind, we masked up, put our visors on and headed into the beautiful venue, Raithby Hall.

Raithby Hall is a beautiful unique venue with an interesting history. The venue was previously a music studio and filming studio, showcasing a variety of history and ages throughout. Each room had a different theme making the venue perfect for all personalties. We were lead through the beautiful halls before being shown where to set up. We set up in a music room full of different instruments, even including huge floor standing harps, like how crazy is that? It was the definition of retro! Not to mention the toilets, what an experience. The toilet were straight out of Japan, extremely technological. This might be TMI but you need to know, you sit down, it beeps at you and I instantly panicked thinking god what have I done? But not to worry, it was just the sensor to heat the seat, a very odd sensation I must add.

Abbie started on her first client, while I gathered some of the bridesmaids. The bridal party were amazing, extremely chilled out and massive tea drinkers, which we live for! I made myself useful and got on tea making duties at one point for the bridal party.

The lovely bride Lesley was extremely calm and relaxed, and not at all stressed but just excited for the day ahead.

I started by asking the next client, what her preferences were so I could gauge the look she was going for, she told me she wanted full glam, so with that in mind I showed her the fluffy glam lashes, and she asked my opinions so together we picked her lashes.

I then moved onto skin prep using Mario badescu cleanser to clean and disinfect the skins surface. Then after finding out what the clients skin was like, dry oily combination etc, I proceeded by applying Loreal hydra genius to moisturise.

I continued to prep all the clients skin, while `Abbie powered through the Makeups. 4 in 2 hours, now that only comes with skill & years of experience and knowledge! In between Abbie's clients I cleaned brushes and tidied rubbish to keep the process as smooth a possible. All while snapping pics and videos of the morning unfolding, not only of Abbie but the wonderful hair stylist, Charlie from Charlie Darlow Hair & Bridal. All before the fabulous Flisher photography arrived, to snap the day.

We left everyone feeling super glam and looking amazing, packed up the kit and headed back to the studio.

On the way out we couldnt help but notice the extra details that Lesley had thought about. The order of the day was displayed on actual clock faces, which i've never seen before, and the order of service had this amazing drawing on the back of the venue drawn by the brides friend. Such special and personalised little touches.

On the way home we just had to stop as Costa, it would be rude not to right? And I used the traveling time to catch up on some admin before unloading and cleaning all of the kit down back at the studio which took us up to 3pm.

It was such a pleasure to be a part of the very beautiful bride Lesley's wedding morning, and we wish her all the happiness in her marriage.

Signing off, until next time!



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