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What Any Makeup Artist Wants You To Know Before Your Appointment - a Peterborough MUA

We love ALL of our clients - the old and the new. Our old/regular clients know exactly how the appointment works which makes it a very easy job for us! These are the clients that tilt their head up so we can blend the foundation down their chin/neck more easily, clients who look down at their lap when eyelashes are about to go on… It's like you're reading our minds and we appreciate the little things like this a lot!

The new clients are a breath of fresh air to us. We love getting to know you, finding out what you like, what you don’t like, and which eyelashes we should be putting aside for you next time you come to see us!

We’ve compiled some tips and some things you should bare in mind when you sit down in the chair:

Communication is key! Have an idea of the sort of look you’d like to achieve. Yes it’s our job to create a look perfectly suited to you, and being artists, thats what we love to do. However, our idea of the perfect look for you in our expert opinion and artists eye, still may not be what you have In mind. We will need a bit of input from you. Do you like full coverage foundation, or do you still want your freckles to show through? Do you like the ’instagram brow’ - perfectly carved out and full, or do you like the 2019-favourite fluffy brow?

Be prepared to answer lots of questions. If we’ve not done your makeup before, then we don’t know you as a person, or what your likes and dislikes are. We’ve probably never seen you in makeup before to know the amount of makeup you usually wear or feel comfortable with. We will ask you as many questions as we possibly can to try to gauge what you mean by “natural” or “smoky eye” as these phrases can really have a few different interpretations. We will ask you things like, where you’re going, what you’re wearing, what your skin is like usually, if theres any makeup styles you particularly really like or dislike, if you prefer matte or shimmer/glowy… the list is really exhaustive! We just want to make sure we're on the same page so that you are in love with how you look at the end of the appointment.

Pictures really help us to understand the colours, style

and amount of makeup you’re wanting to wear. We love having a reference picture to work from. This doesn’t mean you have to have the exact same colours or the winged eyeliner (even though the same makeup can look very different of different people due to colourings and face shapes) but even saying you like the colours in this picture and the style of the eyeshadow in this other picture and the glowy skin in the picture. Or even use to use its an inspiration picture but adapt it slightly, it all helps us to understand you better. But bare in mind that some images found on Pinterest may have been edited to an inch of their lives so please bare this in mind and be realistic with the results you’d like to achieve. If there’s times where you really don’t know what you’d like, then just knowing things that you don’t like will really help us out.

Unfortunately, if you have a few lines then makeup wont be able to magically erase them (I know I know, I wish it could magic mine away!) we use techniques and products to smooth and minimise them as much as possible, but if they’re there to start with then we can’t get rid of them. We know that lots of you are very self critical but we just want to make you feel your most beautiful!

Please don’t be afraid to say if you want to change anything or if you don’t like anything at all, we will always give you lots of opportunities to do so. Sometimes it’s just a small tweak needed i.e. softening the brows, having a different lip colour to make you love the whole look! We just want to make you feel happy, confident, and beautiful!

In summary, it all boils down to point number 1 - communication! Talk to us - let us know what you’re thinking! Ask us for recommendations if you’re not sure - show us pictures of your outfit, how you usually do your makeup, makeup you’ve seen that you love!

We really hope these pointers help you at your next appointment!

We can’t wait to see you in the studio soon!


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