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The Luxe Blender


We’ve been working behind the scenes on this tool for months now, and after starting to use blenders in the studio, we wanted to provide you all with an affordable blender that you can trust to give you fantastic results every time.

After our blender cleaning 'hack' massively taking off on instagram, and helping so many of you, we were inspired to then find the perfect blender. The only option was to take matters into our own hands, and the rest is history!

THE LUXE BLENDER is priced at a very affordable £5.99, and if looked after will last you months! Its a multi use tool, which can be used with liquid, cream and powder products to achieve the smooth, perfected look we all strive for.

Many sponges on the market are way too firm for our liking, we feel that these pull away the foundation from the skin, leaving patches and achieving the opposite of what we surely want.

THE LUXE BLENDER is easy to use, with a shape that suits the contours of your face, making it a joy to work with, whether thats on yourself or on your client. Featuring a pointed tip for small area blending, and a flat edge for contouring and baking, the possibilities are endless.

It builds coverage effortlessly, and makes your job that little bit easier in the mornings. You can rest assured that we've done the rigorous testing for you, to make sure this is the BEST blender we've ever tried.

Its super soft and bouncy, you’ll find that it doubles in size once wet and wrung out, which means that it wont then be absorbing up your foundation and wasting it away into the sponge, as the water has already done that, saving you those £’s.

By patting and bouncing your foundation into your skin with a blender it means that coverage can easily be built, skin looks smoother as foundation hasn’t been dragged over texture, its been pressed in and as well as many other benefits, they’re low cost, latex free, and easy to keep sanitary, which is so important to us here at LUXE!

We've been so overwhelmed with the demand from makeup artists, individuals and salons wanting to stock THE LUXE BLENDER, which is incredible! The reviews have been amazing! we knew you'd all love them, but we didn't quite realise how much. Take a look at our instagram highlights to see some of the amazing reviews we've had so far

THE LUXE BLENDER is available to purchase from Luxe Beauty Peterborough studio & online via this direct link

If you'd like your salon to become a LUXE BLENDER stockist, then please get in touch for more information

THE LUXE BLENDER is here and ready to change your makeup game!

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