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Top 10 tips to avoid summer makeup meltdown - Luxe Beauty

Top 10 tips to avoid Summer makeup meltdown

Model - Nisha Adams

So the temperature’s rising, and sunny pool days and BBQ gatherings are almost in reach.

Whether you're jetting away for a summer holiday, or making the most of our long awaited British heatwave, you my be wondering how your makeup is going to still look glam for your parties, or how to just feel bit more polished during the day to make you feel more confident without melting away in the heat, whilst still looking bronzed and glowing.

So we’ve put together some top tips for you to take into consideration if you want to wear makeup in the heat this summer.

1. Use a specific facial spf you’ll find its more lightweight and less greasy than a general multipurpose one.

A general spf 50 with be extremely thick, and very white looking if applied all over your face, which makeup is likely to slide straight off. Generally the actual spf in the product is the ingredient that will make the product thicker, so the higher the spf, the thicker and whiter it will be applied to the skin.

However, a good facial broad spectrum high spf, although more pricey, will be formulated differently to allow it to be much more lightweight and absorb into the skin well, allowing makeup to be applied on top whilst still more importantly, being protected from those uva and uvb rays.

2. Use a mattifying high adherence primer.

If you feel like you suffer from extreme facial perspiration, then we recommend using neat 3b face saver gel as your last skincare step before you apply makeup, which will help minimise the perspiration.

Use a separate eye primer if you plan on wearing eyeshadow to really grip onto the shadow and stop creasing and transfer, we love P Lousie eyeshadow base.

3. Use a small dusting of setting powder before applying your foundation. Wait…..WHAT? Yes, its been tried and tested, a dusting of powder over your skin before applying your liquid foundation really will help with the longevity of your makeup on a sunny day. The rest of the steps will stay exactly the same, but working in thin layers in key with hot weather, and with shine prone skin.

4. Use light layers of a lightweight foundation and use a concealer to add coverage in the areas that you feel you need it, less foundation than you would usually use but in thin layers is the answer.

Model - Nisha Adams

5. Better still, swap your foundation for sally Hansen airbrush legs, it will give your skin a summer glow with sheer coverage and its water resistant! Were really giving you all of our secrets now! This tip is a LUXE discovery and an absolute favourite!

6. If you like to use a bronzer, contour, and/or blusher, then make sure you're using powder versions instead of cream, which are more likely to melt away in the sun and heat, powder products are more likely to stay set in place and matte looking for longer that cream based products, choosing specifically matte or long wear products is a good idea.

7. Blot the shine away from your skin instead of adding more powder on top throughout the day as this will turn into a cakey mess. Blotting paper sheets are inexpensive and can easily refresh and mattify your skin, saving you having to take off and completely reapply your face.

Saying that, highlight in the summer can look super pretty and glowing, if its in the right places of course. No one wants a sweaty upper lip, but highlighted collar bones and cheekbones, will add bronzed glowing goddess vibes.

8. Remember to use a waterproof mascara, or something like Estee Lauder doublewear anti smudge and flake mascara to avoid transfer, and it melting onto your skin throughout the day.

9. Any cream or pencil products that are used, need locking in with a powder version on top. This means eyeliner too, if you're using a pencil. on your top or lower lash line, then that will need setting with a matching colour eyeshadow powder on top, pressed in with a small brush.

10. Use a great setting spray, we love urban decay. All nighter or deslick for super oily skin. This acts as a sort of waterproof barrier over the top of your makeup to make it invincible! We swear by it

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